Video Exorcist – Game Jam Build

Video Exorcist is a fun little arcade game where you lose one of your controller buttons each time you get hit by an enemy.

In Video Exorcist you are an exorcist who has been called in to exorcise a possessed game system that has swallowed an innocent child. To do this you must play the game cartridge and vanquish all the monsters using a combination of flying kicks and throwable talismans.

The gameplay in Video Exorcist is fairly simple, with you attacking enemies and dodging their attacks as you attempt to clear each screen. However, if you get hit by an enemy then you will lose a random button from your controller and it will float around the screen until you collect it. This can mean you can lose an attack or even your direction buttons, which can make things extremely difficult indeed!

It’s an interesting concept with a great visual style and addictive arcade gameplay that really punishes you for your mistakes. Some levels can feel pretty easy when your controller is fully functional, but it’s amazing how difficult things get when you lose a couple of buttons!

Play Video Exorcist Here (Browser)