Video Hero Story – Open Alpha

video hero story

Video Hero Story is an excellent fighting sim game where you start as a small town fighter and aim to whip him into shape, win fights and become the best of the best – a rich and famous fighting superstar.

The 80s/90s atmosphere of the game is wonderfully nostalgic and full of nice little in jokes – such as the fact that your car is the A-Team van.  The full game also promises plenty more of these little touches, like the ability to get a job as a pizza delivery man and meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Alligators.

You not only manage how your character fights, but are also responsible for his daily life, diet, and physical training.  You can earn money through fights and jobs, buy new equipment, level up your skills and select perks.  It feels a lot like playing a Kairosoft game (Game Dev Story), but with an awesome retro vibe and a great sense of humor.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the Alpha doesn’t allow you to buy food, so when you finish what’s in your refrigerator, you’ll be unable to proceed any further.  It does give you a great taste of what Video Hero Story is all about though – retro fighting fun.

Update: This Alpha Is No Longer Available

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