Video Telefaxer 570X – Game Jam Build


Video Telefaxer 570X, a ‘realistic fax machine and other ancient technology simulator’ made for the Ludum Dare 36, has you trying to flip through manuals and work this old, slow and baffling technology!

Do you remember the (bad) old days when people sent faxes to other people? How about recording VHS tapes on the computer? Well, now’s your chance to relive these memories or try them out for yourself. You are a secretary in an office that has received the new Video Telefaxer 570X! This advanced machine is a fax machine, VRC, washing machine, coffee machine and more… all in one! Since this machine combines so many different functions, it requires many, many manuals of instructions (taken from genuine machines).

You will get orders in the upper left hand side of your screen. Each order has the page number of the manual you will need to go to. Clicking on that order will open up a real manual from a fax machine or VHS recorder in a PDF web page. You must flip to the correct page and follow the instructions from this specific manual for that fax. Sometimes two faxes might have the same request but different manuals for you to use (so you need to input the commands differently).

The fax machine was an invention that nobody ever truly understood how to operate, but the Video Telefaxer 570X is capable of much more than sending faxes – will you be able to get to grips with all of its archaic and incredibly confusing functions?

Important Note: If playing in a browser the fax machine instruction PDFs may get blocked by your browser pop-up blocker so you’ll need to allow the pop-ups (top right corner of the screen in Chrome)

Play Video Telefaxer 570X Here (Browser & Win)