VIDYA FUTURA – GameJam Build Download

vidya futura

VIDYA FUTURA, an asymmetric co-op game made for the Gamemaking Frenzy II Jam, in which you play a female astronaut who can’t shoot and a male astronaut who can’t walk in an adventure that’s out of this world.

VIDYA FUTURA takes you to the crash of a spaceship, onto an alien planet. This two player game has players taking on two markedly different roles, an astronaut with a blanked out face, and a girl. As the ship crashes, the astronaut’s legs are injured. After spending so much time in space, together, isolated, you must protect each other and discover the mysteries of this beautiful new planet. The girl must carry the astronaut, slowly, around the newfound world. Carrying this heavy body makes the girl walk slower as well as lowers her jump ability. The astronaut is able to shoot enemies, with its one moveable arm, but cannot move on his own.

As you explore this world, mysterious altars are found. The girl can interact with these altars, almost becoming possessed as jelly-fish like enemies descend towards her. Neither you nor the astronaut is sure why this happens.  You’ll discover many wonders in VIDYA FUTURA, a beautiful pixel art co-op space adventure.

Download VIDYA FUTURA HERE (Mac & Win)