VietDoom – Alpha Download

VietDoom is a fantastic DOOM Total conversion mod that draws inspiration from NAM/Napalm 98 and Rising Storm Vietnam as you and your platoon fight your way through the heavily defended jungles of Vietnam.

Currently in development by Sergeant_Mark_IV, creator of the highly acclaimed Brutal Doom Mod, VietDoom is a remarkable DOOM Total Conversion mod that transports the retro FPS action to Vietnam. There’s a real Apocalypse Now/Full Metal Jacket vibe to the game as you and your AI controlled platoon fight your way through the jungle using realistic weapons to take out the Viet Cong resistance.

VietDoom features nine different character classes to choose from, ranging from flamethrower infantry to engineers and snipers. This allows for different playstyles and it makes for a lot of fun as you run and gun through the jungle. The current build of VietDoom features nine levels, each one with different objectives, from blowing up anti-aircraft guns to breaking out soldiers from a POW camp. The final level even lets you jump in a variety of different military vehicles and cause some real carnage.

The amount of gunfire, explosions and gore in VietDoom can make you feel a little shell-shocked as the carnage unfolds around you. There’s a lot happening on-screen, with the Viet Cong putting up a good fight and your AI platoon actually being a lot of help in battle, with them killing enemies rather than just running around and getting in the way. You can even blow up trees and structures using explosives – which is a great option if you’ve got some enemy soldiers hiding inside a building.

It’s likely the current VietDoom Alpha will be as far as the game gets developed for a while as Sergeant_Mark_IV aims to focus on Brutal Doom and a new indie game called Brutal Fate for the time being. As it stands it’s nine glorious levels of ‘Nam-based military warfare with tons of style, tonse of carnage and tons of gore. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download VietDoom Here (Required GZDoom & a Doom.wad to Play)