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Vigilantes is a tense crime themed turn based strategy game in which you lead a team of vigilantes as they wage war against the crimelords of Reiker City.

In Vigilantes you assume the role of Sam Contino, an idealist who has decided to fight back against the crime that has infected his once great city. During the game you’ll fight 3 distinct crime gangs, run surveillance ops, upgrade skills and stats, craft items, purchase new equipment and recruit other vigilantes to join in the fight.

Vigilantes is still very early in development, so lacks the polish of the likes of X-Com, but it shows a lot of promise. It’s a dark and gritty game that feels a bit more grounded in reality than most turn based strategy games. The character development shows plenty of depth and some real tactical strategy will be needed in the battles as your characters are often outnumbered and outgunned. Try the Alpha now if you fancy cleaning up the streets of Reiker City!

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  1. Thanks for covering Vigilantes KJ. If you or any of your readers have any questions about the game, or it’s development, I’d be happy to answer!

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