Viktor – Alpha Demo


Viktor is a beautifully hand drawn point and click steampunk adventure, full of colorful characters, inventive puzzles and wonderfully irreverent humor.

You aid Victor (an impulsive wild boar) on his quest to become the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, engaging in all sorts of outlandish adventures including an airship fight, meeting the love of his life in an anarchist basement and helping Tesla test a brand new incredible machine.  These adventures are wonderfully represented through hand crafted animation, resembling a saturday morning kids cartoon, but with a genuinely funny adult sense of humor.

The Alpha Demo takes part in Viktor’s home and offers up a great taste of the irreverent sense of humor and (fairly) logical puzzles to expect in the full game.  Viktor’s home is packed with nice little touches, such as an almost accurate map of the world and a cockroach covered bathtub that doubles as a bed.  You’ll also meet Victor’s best friend, a psychic and slightly mad Owl called Martin.  It takes around 15 mins to complete the Alpha Demo, it’s a blast and will certainly leaves you excited for more boar of Victor’s story.

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