Vind – Prototype Download

Vind is a breathtakingly beautiful non-combative third person exploration adventure which sees you flying around a land of floating islands, assisting the inhabitants to help make their lives happy again.

In Vind you take control of a shapeshifter who can transform into a majestic bird and soar through the sky. You have been sent by your people to the ruins of a once great civilisation that’s now scattered across a collection of floating islands in the sky. Your aim is to get access to a mysterious temple that’s said to hold the power to stop the darkness that threatens your people, but to do so you’ll have to help the humans that live on the islands surrounding the temple.

You have two forms in Vind that you can transform between at the push of a button – a human body that you can use to explore the islands on foot and a bird body that you can soar through the sky with. The transition between walking and flying is seamless and makes you feel like a superhero as you swoop through the air or drop to the ground.

The current build of Vind features a sizeable chunk of gameplay with a vast array of islands to visit, secrets to discover and quests to complete. As you explore you’ll meet characters, learn about their lives and complete quests for them. There’s a whimsical nature to the characters, and it’s fun getting to know them better and seeing how your actions change the world.

Unfortunately as the studio behind Vind (and creators of AER) is shutting down it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing much more of it in the future, which is a real tragedy as it was shaping up to be a fantastic game. Soaring around the floating islands is an absolute delight and it’s a joy helping the little civilisation of humans sheltered within them. There’s still a lot of content in the current builds though and you’ll never get tired of flying around its beautiful floating lands. Highly recommended.

Note: There are two prototype demos with different content. We’d recommend playing the Scenario Demo (or both if you like).

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Vind Prototype Here (Windows)