Virtual Wave – Beta Demo

Virtual Wave is a fast paced retro styled wave based arena shooter where you blast enemies, collect cash and purchase upgrades to help you survive in 1980’s virtual world ruled by a corrupt AI (which you coded).

At its core Virtual Wave is most akin to the early CoD: Zombies games, with you attempting to survive against increasingly challenging hordes of enemies in an 8-bit styled arena. Enemies you shoot drop a shower of coins which you can pick up and use to purchase new character upgrades, equipment, weapons and weapon upgrades, all of which will help you in your fight against your rogue AI that’s planning to release its minions into the real world.

The combat in Virtual Wave is very satisfying, with fast player movement and a nice selection of guns that feel great to fire. There’s a nice variety of enemies to dispatch too, ranging from basic slimes to teleporting ninjas or little fire breathing dragons. Later on you’ll also have to deal with status effects, like frost or the lights going out, which can really hamper your shooting skills.

It’s a simple, but addictive and intense first person shooter with a great visual style, a nice selection of upgrades and satisfying run n’ gun combat. A virtual wave well worth surfing.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Virtual Wave Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)