Virus N – Game Jam Build Download

Virus N is an incredibly gross little game in which you attempt to spread a contagion as fast as possible before its carriers die horribly!

In Virus N you control the hosts of a particularly nasty disease and must keep passing it on to new hosts before your current one dies. The disease mutates throughout its lifetime creating different effects in the host – causing side effects like excessive vomiting, huge boils, head explosions or even reversing the controls. You pass on the disease by either vomiting on someone or by touching them with your grotesque boils, but you have to be quick – each host will only live for a few seconds before it dies!

It’s a fun little game that makes for some hilariously stomach churning gameplay as the characters vomit, swell with boils and explode in a shower of blood. Virus N may be one hell of a horrible way to die, but it does make for a very funny game!

Download Virus N Here (Link at Bottom of Page)