Vis À Vis – Game Jam Build

Vis À Vis is a creepy little horror puzzle adventure where you attempt to escape a mental asylum by entering into a strange mirror world.

Created for the Extra Credits Game Jam, Vis À Vis is a short first person horror adventure that allows you to step into a disparate world on the other side of the various mirrors hanging in the mental facility you’re trapped in. You can step through the mirrors and attempt to escape from the facility, though you’ll need to solve a few little puzzles to progress.

It only takes a few minutes to play through so there’s not a large amount of narrative, but you do get an overwhelming feeling of paranoia and unease as you explore the facility. Mirrors are extremely underused in horror games, so it’s nice to see Vis À Vis exploring the creepy notion that there’s a whole other world behind them. Is that really you staring back?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Vis À Vis Here (Windows)