Vision Soft Reset – Alpha Download

vision soft reset game

Vision Soft Reset is a fun open world action platforming metroidvania in which your character has time-bending abilities that allows you to see enemy attacks before they happen and can even instantly rewind time too!

In Vision Soft Reset you control Oracle, a wise cracking android that can see the future, who’s teamed up with a human called Wally and travelled to a mysterious island in search of a powerful crystal that could prevent your home planet’s impending doom. Obviously it’s not going to be as easy as walking up and grabbing it though! The island is swarming with deadly alien lifeforms and powerful bosses for you to battle in action platforming combat that’s fondly reminiscent of Mega Man, but with some awesome time bending abilities thrown into the mix.

These time bending skills really come in handy during the game in the form of Vision, Flashback and Chamber Flashback abilities. Vision is a passive ability that telegraphs all of your enemy’s attacks before they happen, giving you time to dodge out of the way. If you do get hit by an attack or miss a jump you also have a nifty Flashback ability that can rewind time short distances – it’s best used sparingly though as it needs time to recharge. Chamber Flashback allows you to jump back in large chunks of time back to a previous chamber, undoing your actions and losing any items you’ve picked up, but still retaining any knowledge you’ve acquired – such as the codes that unlock new abilities for your suit.

Vision Soft Reset is still very early in development so does have quite a few unfinished art and music assets, but it certainly shows a lot of promise. The time manipulation aspect a clever concept that’s full of possibilities, while the action platforming gameplay and the witty dialogue are excellent too. Well worth checking out for some time twisting fun.

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Download The Vision Soft Reset Alpha Here (Windows)