Visions – Alpha Download


Visions shouldn’t really be viewed as a game, more as an album.  An album of 9 excellent chilled-out electronica songs (reminiscent of Moby & Daft Punk at times), each one wrapped in a completely different, visually stunning level.

The gameplay itself is pretty basic, you just have to float around the levels picking up enough crystals to move on to the next one, with the timer being the length of the song.  There are star ratings for how many crystals you manage to collect, but you’ll just get stressed out if you try and collect them all, defeating the object of the game.  It’s much better just to swoop around the levels , collecting enough crystals to allow you to reach the next level then just relaxing and enjoying the audio/visual experience.

The full game lasts around 40 mins (the length of an album), with each song and level working beautifully together, with the level design throwing up some nice surprises along the way.  The basic gameplay means that it’s technically not a great game, but as an audio/visual experience, it’s stunning.  Turn up the volume!

Watch a let’s play of it HERE

Download the excellent soundtrack HERE

Download the Alpha, HERE