Visitors: Marine Invasion – Alpha Demo

visitors marine invasion game

Visitors: Marine Invasion is a very strange mix of fishing and survival horror in which you attempt to catch as big a haul of fish as possible while fending off ghosts, sea monsters and aliens.

In Visitors: Marine Invasion you captain a boat with four fishing rods attached to it. To catch fish you simply need to wait for the rods to start twitching then reel them in. The fishing grounds are bountiful so catching the fish is easy, but keeping them and staying alive is another matter!

It seems that the waters you’re fishing in aren’t the most hospitable, with you constantly being attacked by aliens, ghosts and sea monsters. Each type of creature attacks you differently and can be fended off in specific ways – sea monsters smash your portholes which you need to repair, ghosts will attack you but can be destroyed with light, and aliens will land on your ship then steal your fish but can be scared off by spraying them with a fire extinguisher. Once you’ve decided you’ve caught enough fish for the day you simply drive the boat away and cash in your haul – which can be used to purchase handy upgrades.

The current build is a bit rough around the edges, but the blend of survival horror and fishing makes for a unique and oddly addictive multitasking experience. A strange supernatural fishing game that may get you hooked.

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Download The Visitors: Marine Invasion Alpha Demo Here (Windows)