Vital – Alpha Demo

Vital is a stylish physics based first person puzzle platforming adventure where you use the ability to shrink, expand, push and blow up objects as you make your way through a floating dream world.

In Vital you find yourself stuck in a beautiful low poly dream world where you can use four different types of orb to solve physics based puzzles and allow you to make your way through each level. The four different orbs you find are The Orb of Expansion (makes objects larger), The Orb of Contraction (makes objects smaller), The Orb of Force (pushes objects) and The Orb of Destruction (blows stuff up). You can’t use each type of orb until you collect them, but once you have them then you can throw an infinite amount of them. Along the way you’ll also come across moveable cubes that factor into the puzzles too.

Even in these early stages of development Vital is a very impressive first person puzzle adventure. It’s got a interesting game world with a great visual style and lots of inventive puzzle design that makes great use of your various orb based powers. A stylish and cerebral physics based puzzle adventure well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download the Vital Alpha Demo Here (Windows)