Vital Signs – Prototype Download

Vital Signs is a tense physics-based zero gravity Sci-Fi horror adventure where a little droid uses slumbering human crewmembers as key-cards as it tries to escort them to safety.

Currently in development by a group of developers from Free Lives (creators of Broforce and GORN), in Vital Signs you control a hard working little medical droid whose ship has just been damaged by a mysterious explosion. The two human crewmembers on the ship are still deep in cryosleep so it’s up to you to try and get them to the escape pods in one piece.

Your little droid is small, speedy and has the ability to grab, drag and throw objects (and humans). On your way to the escape pods you’ll encounter locked doors, radiation and freaky little tentacled alien organisms that will attack you and the humans. The locked doors can only be opened by humans with the correct clearance level so you need to grab them and drag them to the scanners to open them – also making sure they don’t float into any radiation or towards any aliens in the process.

The current build of Vital Signs takes around 15 minutes to play through and is already a lot of fun. It’s got a nice sense of humor, the zero gravity physics are great and there’s certain pleasure to flinging the slumbering astronauts around the spaceship. What’s more, your little droid has a bit of personality and the alien organisms are pretty freaky (and no doubt in the full game there will be bigger and deadlier iterations of them). The vital signs are strong for this excellent zero gravity sci-fi horror adventure!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Vital Signs Prototype Here (Windows and Mac)