Vivid! – Beta Demo

Vivid! Is a cheerful and charming puzzle action platformer in which your skills change depending on what colored blocks you interact with.

Vivid! plays a little like Kirby, but instead of swallowing enemies to change your skillset you jump on top of differently colored blocks and balloons. There are three different colors you can swap to (Red, Yellow and Blue), with each one allowing you to use different weapons and use different special skills. The demo build limits your first playthrough of the demo to a red sword, a yellow Bow and a Blue throwing axe, but you will also be able to customize your loadout with different weapons in the full game (and on your second playthrough of the demo).

There are lots of fun gameplay mechanics at work in Vivid! – such as the way you can pass through blocks that do not match your current color and the way you upgrade your weapon as you use it. The level design is very impressive to – requiring a mixture of problem solving, platforming skill, color swapping and combat.

Even in it’s Beta form, Vivid! is already a very polished and well crafted platforming adventure. With its colorful world, secret-filled levels and inventive color-swapping gameplay it feels like the sort of experience you’d expect to come from a Nintendo developed game. A charming, cheerful and cerebral puzzle action platformer packed full of great ideas.

Note: We highly recommend playing through the Tutorial first to teach you the intricacies of color swapping.

Tip: once you complete the demo level you’ll unlock new weapons to try out in your next playthrough.

Check Out a Gampelay Video Here

Download The Vivid! Beta Demo Here (Windows)