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Vocus Air

Vocus Air is an intriguing first person experience in which you sit in your seat on a passenger airplane, observing the other passengers actions and listening to their conversations to try and piece together the narrative that’s playing out in-front of you.

You can’t interact with anything in Vocus Air and there are no set goals, you just have to observe and try to piece together the narrative.  Different characters will have conversations at different moments, and you can focus on them – causing the camera to zoom in a little and the background noise to be filtered out.  There’s no set end point in Vocus Air, once you’re satisfied you’ve got to the bottom of what’s really going on in the plane you can simply quit to desktop, confident in your detective skills and glad to be away from that screaming kid!

The full scene takes a few minutes to play out, then the whole thing rewinds and starts again.  You’ll need several viewings to piece together the full story, and each time you’ll discover new details in this intricately crafted lattice of conversations and actions.  It’s a novel approach to storytelling that feels like you’re watching a scene from a movie, but have full control over the camera.  A virtual flight well worth boarding.

Download The Vocus Air Prototype Here (Windows)

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  1. Hey KJ Robertson,

    thanks a lot for the great post about our game! :)

    And thanks for pointing out the error with the filename. Already fixed it.


    Team Vocus Air

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