Vogue – Game Jam Build Download

Vogue Game

Vogue, a dungeon crawling incremental clicker made for the 1-Bit Jam, has you collecting treasure, defeating monsters, and tapping your way through a labyrinthine dungeon.

In Vogue after you pick your hero and your name, you simply click to move forward through the dungeon. Your character already has a defined path to travel on – moving forward through rooms, defeating all monsters, then looting the chests before moving onto the next area.

Your hero will also automatically attack when standing near an enemy, so you don’t have a lot of control over how your character moves or attacks. You do have control of spending your loot and using potions to keep your hero alive. There’s a shop full of upgrades, potions, and other items that will really help you stay alive.

As in any incremental clicker, your overall goal is to earn cash, to buy upgrades to earn more cash, and so on.  In Vogue though, you’ll be able to descend deeper and deeper into the dungeons, battling powerful enemies and bosses that crop up every 10 levels.  The more upgrades you buy, the more the game will play itself, ranging from removing the need to click to move, to allowing the game to automatically purchase upgrades and use health potions when needed.  Eventually you can just let the game run on its own – although you’ll do a lot better if you manually buy a big stockpile of health potions for your character to use.

It’s a fun and highly addictive mash-up of incremental clicking and dungeon crawling RPG gameplay that can really suck up your time once you get into it. A simple, but very satisfying loop of exploration, loot and upgrades well worth delving into.

Play or Download Vogue Here (Win & Browser)