VOI – Beta Demo


VOI is a minimalistic puzzle game that explores the relationships between negative and positive space. With its calming, ambient soundtrack and sharp lines, VOI provides a meditative, sometimes challenging gaming experience.

VOI has a lot in common with tangram puzzles, where you must combine simple shapes together to create larger, more complex shapes (think making the outline of a rabbit from a bunch triangles and a square). But VOI takes the shape combinations to the next level by incorporating the overlapping of shapes. Overlap one black shape with another black shape and the area of overlap will become white. Using this basic concept, you’ll need to combine the shapes provided in such a way as to recreate the specific shape requested in each level. VOI provides an sizeable amount of puzzles to attempt for a demo, and the complexity never pushes much past moderately challenging.

There are a couple of small, niggling issues that can lead to some frustration. The small working area provided in the circle occasionally makes it very difficult to move the pieces around one another. A bigger grid would not only allow for more complex puzzles, but it would also allow players to better organize the game pieces while putting together the puzzle. Also, it can sometimes be difficult to grab a specific piece, often requiring you to completely dismantle your creation and start anew.

VOI is currently available on iOS, but the developer is now looking to bring the game to Steam (PC & Mac) as well. You can vote for VOI on the game’s Steam Greenlight page. If you’re looking for a challenge that will leave you calm and satisfied, then you owe it to yourself to take a moment to try out VOI’s demo.

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