Voi – Student Project Download


Voi is a mind bending first person puzzle platformer set inside an huge impossible Escher-esque structure, filled with all manner of visual trickery.

The puzzles in Voi are generally based around the idea of non-Euclidean spaces – impossible structures created by overlapping sections of the map.  Your aim in the game is to reach the top of a staircase, with a new flight of stairs being added each time you complete a section of the game.  The first section features fairly simple switch-based puzzles, but as you ascend the staircase the visual trickery increases and the puzzles get trickier.

It’s a fun game, with intuitive puzzles and clever level design. The impossible spaces of Voi really are a sight to behold, making you constantly question what your eyes are telling you.  An intelligent puzzler in an impossible structure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Voi Here (Windows Only)