Voice – Game Jam Build Download

Voice game

Voice is a short but curious game made for the Global Game Jam 2017, that has you exploring a small area and attempting to communicate with your tone-based voice.

In Voice you can walk and talk. Talking is quite unique, you have 4 keys that are different pitches that you can use individually or together to create your voice. It sort of ends up sounding like an instrument – a slide whistle maybe. Though you may not know what you (or other people) are saying, you can walk around and talk to various people on each screen. These people will talk back, but you will only have their body language as clues to how they are reacting to you.

After you have spoken to different characters, the screen will change or something will happen. Because you cannot understand the language of the others, you will just have to figure out what is going on. Voice is very short and is more of an interactive experience at the moment than a game, but the artwork is fantastic and the way you interact with others is very interesting. We’d really love to see it expanded on as it’s a joy finding your voice in this charming, cheerful little game world.

Download Voice Here (Win & Mac)