Voice of Steel – Tech Demo

voice of steel

Voice of Steel is very cool next-generation fighting simulation game, that allows you to build, customise, teach and fight your very own Real Steel-style combat robot.

It’s an impressive game, with physics based movements/impacts and an in-depth building and customisation system – in which you can even choreograph your own moves.  This move creation system is an easy to use And extensive experience, with the ability to map out movements, positions and speeds precisely as you want them.

It plays very well, with exciting robotic boxing battles and a comprehensive robot building abilities.  Building, training and fighting your very own combat robot feels like a true next-gen boxing experience.  Test your steel!

Download The Tech Demo & Check Out The Voice Of Steel Kickstarter HERE

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  1. Hey guys, I really love your demo. I found some bugs while playing and thought I could record me testing some of the game and uploading it to youtube so people can see kinda what your game offers. I don’t know if you are still developing the game because I saw that your kickstarter failed but just let me know if you are still on making that game.

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