Void Invaders – Game Jam Build Download

void invaders 2

Void Invaders, a game made for the Shmup Jam Wave 2, is a wonderfully shiny, colorful and chaotic, retro shoot-em up!

This addictive game is not your average space shooter. You must spray bullets at colorful Space Invader inspired characters that are moving down the screen towards you. They’re fast moving and utilise a variety of attack patterns, making for some intense, adrenaline-fuelled gameplay – especially with the two amazing boss battles that provide a tough challenge.

To combat all of these enemies, power ups also appear from time to time. These power ups allow you to spray more bullets across the screen. They’re limited to only 30 seconds of use, but really do help out in that little time.

With spectacular visuals and fast paced gameplay Void Invaders will brighten up your day with an intense blast of retro nostalgia.

Note: If you have a GameJolt account, you can earn snazzy achievements.

Download Void Invaders HERE (Don’t Use Chrome, Google Hates GameJolt Downloads)