Void & Meddler – GameJam Build Download

void and meddler game

Get lost in a dystopian world full of memory trade repression and hormone addiction. Sounds a little crazy because that’s exactly what it is. Void & Meddler is a scifi title built for #pointclickjam that creates a unique atmosphere combining photo backgrounds with pixel art assets, all bound together with a mellow, moody electronic soundtrack that brings back feelings instilled by old titles like Blade Runner and Dark City.

Void & Meddler puts players in the shoes of Fyn, an investigator looking into a strange case that has her searching the seedy streets of a fictional town that’s essentially a conglomerate of cities from our very own planet Earth. As Fyn, you’ll find clues and solve puzzles that drive you further into this well-built scifi epic.

There are many stories told through this strange chimera of a title, and aside from the basic gameplay mechanics, it’s quite a treat to interact with the game world, right down to the option to click on characters and hear Fyn’s immediate judgment of character before clicking on them with the “talk” option.

There’s a wealth of information and story conveyed through this piece of interactive art, and after the 15 day development cycle that birthed this rendering, the developer is toying with the idea of expanding Void & Meddler into a full title.  Here’s hoping anyway, we’d certainly love to see more of this stylish and strange dystopian adventure.

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