Void Quest – Game Jam Build Download

Void Quest Game Download

Void Quest, a retro-styled point and click/text-based adventure made for the Adventure Jam 2017 inspired by Sierra classics, has you living out your life on a small piece of land and abruptly dying in some very odd ways.

In Void Quest you are a person who lives out in the middle of nowhere on a small plot of land with your little dog. You start off in your house, with a to-do list that instructs you to pull the stump out of the ground in your backyard. Doing the obvious in this game is not necessarily the correct way to go about things, so exploring and trying to interact with various objects and things around you is key.

You can move around with the cursor keys or the mouse, but to interact with these things actually type out lines of commands – like ‘read the note’ or ‘use the fireplace’. You can spend some time thinking about different ways to interact with the environment or different sentences to try. Like many of the older, typing command games – Void Quest will kill you in funny and unexpected ways.

It’s a fun little slice of retro adventuring with stylish pixel art visuals, a silly sense of humor and a wonderfully nostalgic type-to-interact control scheme. Good luck getting rid of that damn tree stump!

Play Void Quest Here (Win, Mac, & Browser)