Void Raiders – Alpha Download

void raiders

Void Raiders is a challenging top down procedurally generated sci-fi dungeon crawling shooter in which you battle deadly enemies, collect loot and level up your character.

Missions in Void Raiders are tough, you have limited ammo and lots of swarming enemies to deal with, forcing you to keep on the move at all times, and you’ll also have to contend with a tough boss at the end of each level.  As you blast your way through the swarms of enemies, you’ll collect equipment and earn XP, allowing you to unlock new powers and abilities.

Void Raiders is still very early in development, so it does have some rough edges (most notably it’s hard to distinguish between walls and scenery), but it does offer fun sci-fi blasting action and a satisfyingly punishing difficulty curve.  Punishing procedurally generated pixel art warfare.

Tip:  Conserve Your Ammo!

Download the Void Raiders Alpha HERE

4 thoughts on “Void Raiders – Alpha Download”

  1. It reminds me of Nuclear throne a lot.
    I find it really hard to see where I can walk and where I can’t (like walls and crates and stuff). It’s especially hard to see when I’m in combat.

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