Void Sols – Beta Demo

Void Sols is a very stylish top-down adventure that delivers a fully fledged soulslike experience with a minimalist Geometry Wars-esque aesthetic.

In Void Sols you are a prisoner who is locked up in a dark prison in a deep geometric gloom. Thankfully though a mysterious event occurs that allows you to escape your cell and fight your way out of prison and through a world steeped in shadow.

Despite its minimalist style Void Sols has everything you’d expect from a soulslike – you can level up your stats, equip weapons and equipment, and fight enemies in tactical stamina reliant combat. The shadow world is full of secrets and deadly enemies, with them becoming more deadly as the complexity of their shape increases.

It’s a very promising game that looks set to deliver a unique soulslike experience. The gameplay is intuitive, fun and challenging, while the way the shadows and fog of war alter the environment make for a very dynamic feeling visual style. Highly recommended.

Download the Void Sols Beta Demo Here (Steam)