Voidborn – Alpha Demo

Voidborn is an intense and stylish roguelite FPS with a focus on speed and agility as you blast your way through a dark decaying world.

In Voidborn you are a powerful beast that was created by the gods, to reclaim the Kingdom of Twilight from the darkness that’s enveloped it. To do this you’ll need to fight your way through a labyrinth of kill rooms filled with monsters and bosses.

You have three weapons at your disposal (a pistol, a shotgun and an automatic rifle), each of which can be upgraded with permanent upgrades between runs and temporary upgrades during runs. You can also unlock new active and passive abilities and you have a nice selection of movement options, such as wall-riding, sliding and ground-slamming.

The guns could do with a little rebalancing (at the moment it’s only really fun using the pistol), but aside from that, Voidborn is a lot of fun. It’s got a cool visual style, the movement feels great and you can create some pretty powerful builds as you stack up your upgrades. See if you’ve got the speed and skill to reclaim the Kingdom of Twilight.

Download The Voidborn Alpha Demo Here (Steam)