Voidship: The Long Journey – Alpha Demo

Voidship: The Long Journey is an FTL-esque roguelike adventure that sees you piloting a modular ship through space, upgrading it with new modules and taking part in real-time top down space battles.

As in FTL, Voidship sees you piloting your ship through star systems while fighting enemy ships, managing your crew, upgrading your ship and deciding what actions to take during random events. Indeed there’s a lot about Voidship that’s fondly reminiscent of FTL, but it’s no clone, it brings a lot of its own ideas to the table too.

Your ship is entirely modular, with you able to drag and drop sections to re-arrange it into any configuration you like and add new weapon, engine and defense modules to make it more formidable in battle. Unlike FTL, you don’t see much of the interior of your ship during battles, instead you take control of the ship directly and pilot it around the battlefield like a top-down shooter. Your ship is quite weighty and slow to maneuver so the battles are still quite tactical, but it’s great fun getting in amongst the action – especially once you’ve upgraded your ship a bit.

Another aspect in Voidship is the passage of time. Your entire mission will take around 4 or 5 centuries, with roughly 20 years passing each time you travel to a new star system. During these travel periods your crew will grow older, give birth, upgrade their skills and even die. You’ll need to make sure you have a fresh supply of crew members as you don’t want them all dying out on your journeys.

Even in these early stages of development Voidship is a very polished experience and the demo features a sizeable chunk of gameplay. It manages to scratch that FTL itch while still feeling unique and its particularly enjoyable upgrading your ship with new modules then testing it out in battle. Highly recommended.

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