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Volcanoids is a very cool steampunk survival game that sees you piloting an upgradeable (and fully destructible) drillship through a volcanic island populated by hostile robots.

As we mentioned back in January, Volcanoids is a single player and online multiplayer steampunk survival game that sees you attempting to drill through a large volcanic island to an active volcano, to silence it for good. This is easier said than done though as not only do you have to deal with frequent volcanic eruptions, but you also have to fend off attacks from a race of robots who use the volcano as their source of power (so are none too keen on you shutting it down).

As you travel through and under the island your drillship is not only your fastest mode of transport, but also acts as your base of operations. You can leave it and explore on foot to gather resources and you can upgrade it with new modules to help you deal with the harsh terrain and robotic enemies.

The Pre-Alpha build of Volcanoids is still very early in development, so is far from feature complete, could do with a tutorial and has some rough edges, but it shows a lot of promise and it’s a very original concept. A drillship driving steampunk survival game well worth digging into!

Note: We highly recommend watching this tutorial video before playing as there’s a lot to wrap your head around and there’s no in-game tutorial yet.

You Can Follow The Development of Volcanoids Here

To Download The Volcanoids Pre-Alpha Build Just Join The Official Discord Group and You’ll Find The Link In The #pre-alpha-download Channel. Be Sure to Watch the Tutorial Video To Help Get Your Bearings.

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