Vomitoreum – Kickstarter Demo

Vomitoreum is a GZDoom powered FPS metroidvania that draws inspiration from Metroid Prime and Dark Souls as you blast your way through a huge interconnected world that’s plagued with Eldritch monstrosities.

Currently in development by scumhead (creator of the excellent Shrine and Lycanthorn games), Vomitoreum is an open world metroidvania FPS set in a nightmarish world that’s overrun with a horrible fog and Eldritch monstrosities. You take on the role of a being that’s been forged from cosmic ash and churning souls and called forth to cleanse the world of the eldritch plague. As you scour the lands you’ll, fight monsters, battle bosses, discover secrets and find the tools required to achieve this task.

If you’ve played Lycanthorn 2 then you’ll know scumhead knows how to create an immersive interconnected open world in the GZDoom engine, but Vomitoreum’s world is even better than expected. The artwork is fantastic, the differently themed areas connect well and they’re full of little secrets to discover. The enemy designs are delightfully grotesque and (obviously as it’s built in the GZDoom engine) the combat is a lot of fun. The Metroid Prime influence is especially evident and its freaky Eldritch world is a fascinating place to explore. Highly recommended.

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