Voodoo Lockdown – Game Jam Build Download

Voodoo Lockdown Game Download

Voodoo Lockdown is an ingenious little puzzle platforming adventure in which you use the letters on your keyboard as platforms to help you traverse the game world!

Taking around 10 minutes to complete, Voodoo Lockdown sees you exploring long abandoned ruins that are filled with strange space-age machinery that reacts to your keyboard inputs. You control your character much like any other platformer, using the arrow kets to move and the spacebar to jump, but when you interact with the strange machines the rest of the keyboard comes into play!

Each screen of Voodoo Lockdown is essentially a self contained puzzle with a machine and a (usually) empty dotted box. After activating the machine, you can then press any of the letters on your keyboard and that letter will pop up into the dotted box. You need to figure out which letter (or combination of letters) to use to allow you to pass unharmed.

It’s a very clever concept which allows for a surprisingly diverse array of puzzles as you make your way through the ruins. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Full Playthrough Here

Download or Play Voodoo Lockdown Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Browser)