Vortex – Game Jam Build Download

VORTEX Game Download

Vortex is an addictive, rage inducing precision platformer made for the Hit Playtime 2017, that sees you using the gravitational fields of super dense vortices as you chase after a more powerful version of yourself.

Vortex tells the tale of the great Dhaï Enne Rithraï, a powerful being who could create portals to travel through universes but also had a bad temper. After travelling through a portal one time these two different sides of him accidentally split into two completely separate beings; one that still had the power to create portals and the other that was just jealous and angry.

You are playing the latter of the two; a jealous and non-powerful being just chasing after Rithraï, hoping to steal all of his greatness. Rithraï is able to create portals to escape with, but if you are quick and time your jumps correctly, you can follow after at the same speed. There are various collectables dotted around each level for you to collect, as well a rogue vortices to fall into.

The super dense vortices have a dramatic effect on the gravity and the way you make your way through each level. The gravity of each vortex pulls you towards it like a black hole, so ‘down’ is actually towards the vortex and ‘up’ is actually away from the vortex. Landing in one of the vortices is instant death, so you’ll need to use the platforms around them to safely navigate them – and things get even tricker when multiple vortices and a grappling hook-esque ability are introduced…

Vortex is great fun to play, with many worlds to beat, stylish pixel art visuals, quirky cutscenes that show the conversations between these two characters, gravity bending gameplay and some super tough level design. It’s hard to tell up from down in this challenging and inventive precision platformer.

Note: A control pad is recommended for the best experience.

Download Vortex Here (Windows)