Voxinvader – Prototype Download


Voxinvader is a cool voxel based re-imagining of Space Invaders, with combat taking place over 3 dimensions over procedurally generated terrain and lots of wonderful voxel based destruction.

In Voxinvader, the goal remains the same as the retro classic – use your tank to eliminate all enemies before they hit the ground.  There are 4 types of enemies, utilising the classic Space Invaders side-to-side attack pattern, but this time they take formation over 3 dimensions, forming a cloud of voxel-based aliens above you.  Getting into the flow of the gameplay can be a little tricky initially, and you’ll have to do a bit of experimenting to get a camera angle that works for you, but once you get into the swing of things it’s great fun blasting aliens out of the sky.

Voxinvader features adventure mode and an arcade mode which gives you the option to tailor your level and enemy types.  There are 3 types of procedurally generated universe you can fight in (Plain, Snow & Desert), all featuring fully destructable terrain that takes a punding from enemy fire, forming craters in the landscape.  These craters are aren’t just cool looking, they’re also pretty deadly so you’re best steering clear of them.  You won’t get cornered though as you can instantly scroll the terrain underneath you with the right mouse button.

The prototype was created over 5 weeks by a pair of computer engineering students (Lespagnol Rémy & Allender Quentin) as part of a 2nd year project, with a plan to develop it further if they get enough positive feedback for it.  So if you’d like to see more of this voxel based re-imagining of a retro classic, leave a comment below!


Voxinvaders is set up for a french keyboard by default, so if you want to use regular W,A,S,D controls you’ll have to change them in the settings menu.

Watch the Gameplay Trailer HERE

UPDATE: This Prototype is no longer available

Download the Voxinvaders Prototype HERE or HERE