VoyageE – Alpha Download

VoyageE is an awe-inspiring fan made sequel to NaisanceE that offers a fantastic other-worldly experience as you explore the innards of a jaw droppingly large and detailed megastructure.

Created by two young developers, VoyageE really is a masterpiece in world design, each new area impresses with it’s size, scale and attention to detail.  Real time shadows dance of the angular aesthetics of the world, and a sombre audio track draws you into the experience.  We can’t wait to see more of VoyageE, as even in these early stages of development, it impresses with the intracy of the world design, and creates some truly breathtaking views as you explore the vast megastructure.

Note:  VoyageE is still very early in development, and responding hasn’t been implemented yet, so take care not to fall off any ledges or you’ll have to restart.

Download VoyageE HERE (Windows Only)