vridniX – Alpha Demo


vridniX is a quirky infinite-runner and platforming game where you play as a strange and grumpy creature named vridniX determined to prove his worth to the world — even if he has to destroy it in the process.

When the evil and terrible Trogogluxes attack vridniX’s home world and its inhabitants, vridniX takes it upon himself to find and activate the ultimate weapon to save the planet. Along the way, he’ll have to jump, dodge, and lick his way across platforms to defeat enemies and finally earn the glory he so righteously deserves.

vridniX keeps its control scheme pretty close to other twitch platformers like Super Meat Boy, but with the added difficulty of only being able to jump once you start moving. vridniX does manage to make a few unique additions to the genre, including using vridniX’s tongue to cling to ceilings and rotating levels by collecting rotator orbs. The levels themselves are kept short and sweet, with only one or two main obstacles to navigate before you move on. This fast pace combined with game’s charmingly juvenile art style help soothe the sting of the repeated deaths you’re sure to experience.

vridniX has a couple of issues with consistency, especially in regards to its writing, but strangely enough, the semi-broken English only adds to the charm of the game. vridniX himself is an unrepentant asshole and yet manages to maintain a degree of likability; in essence, he’s the perfect antihero. Juxtapose vridniX against the relaxed and surfer-bro personalities of the Wamnis and you have a recipe for some great comedic writing.

The developers of vridniX are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to help complete development on the project and they’ve come up with a unique way of tackling the game’s stretch goals. In The Great Clash, you can join either the Good vridniX team or the Evil vridniX and complete simple social media related missions in each category. Completing missions will unlock rewards that reflect the Good or Evil alignment of vridniX supporters. So if you’re into infinite runners, twitch platforming, and ridiculous antiheroes, head over to the vridniX Kickstarter and lend them your support!

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