VRX.exe – Game Jam Build Download

VRXexe game

VRX.exe, a Binding of Isaac-esque endless dungeon crawler reminiscent made for the MiniLD #60, has you cleaning viruses off of people’s computers.

You and your dad own a computer repair business. One of your shop’s specialties is removing viruses from infected computers. Most of the computers that come in do have a virus removal program, it just needs a little bit of help. That is where you come in – you enter the computer and fight the virus from its source!

The viruses inside the computer come in many forms, some are fast and weak, while others are slow but deadly. You’re able to shoot at the viruses to destroy them, but remember, you are in a foreign computer, so sometimes shooting wildly might end up hurting you. You must find your way through this dungeon, eliminating the viruses within. Make your dad proud by fixing the computer, from the inside out.

Download The MiniLD Build HERE (Win only)