VSYNC: OFF – Game Jam Build Download

VSYNC: OFF is a clever little puzzle platforming adventure where you use screen tearing glitches to shift the top half of the screen, break walls and solve puzzles.

Created for the Wowie Jam 2.0, in VSYNC: OFF you control a simple looking square as it attempts to break free from a mysterious testing facility. You can move and jump as in a traditional platformer, but the game starts to get a bit buggy and the VSYNC goes out of whack when there are crates in the view. In fact the more crates that are on-screen, the worse the screen tearing gets and the more out of alignment the top and the bottom of the screen can become. Among other things, this can cause gaps to appear in the walls – which you can use to make your escape from the facility!

Taking around five minutes to play through, VSYNC: OFF is a simple looking but very inventive little adventure that makes great use of its screen tearing mechanics. It’s a fun little adventurer that allows for some very creative puzzle design.

Download or Play VSYNC: OFF Here (Windows & Browser)