VVV – Student Game Download

VVV is a spectacle-filled run n’ gun FPS that draws inspiration from 90’s action movies as a time-traveller blasts his way through hordes of Romans!

Created by students of ArtFX School, VVV is a short and bombastic FPS where you are sent back in time to fix the time-tampering of a malevolent organisation that’s given advanced technology to the Romans. You now need to blast your way through hordes of Romans, and destroy the technology to repair the temporal anomaly.

VVV is less about precision and more about keeping moving and shooting. In fact it’s actually best played with a control pad (and the ZQSD control system means mouse and keyboard isn’t really an option for QWERTY users anyway), with the game having a healthy amount of auto-aim to compensate.

There’s only one level, but there’s a LOT going on in it and there’s a serious amount of on-screen carnage as you dispatch masses of Romans and blow up large structures. It looks beautiful and the action doesn’t let up from start to finish. It’s a lot of fun and the game does a great job of realizing its vision of making you feel like a 90’s action movie star in a big dumb blockbuster movie.

Note: Control Pad Highly Recommended

Download VVV Here (Windows)