Wahkan – Student Project Game

Wahkan is a beautifully drawn 2D physics based puzzle platforming adventure that sees you drawing structures to help make your way through a shaman’s mind.

In Wahkan you take on the role of a young native american who enters into the mind of your shaman to prove to the spirits that you are worthy of being his successor. The mind of your shaman is a beautiful, but strange place and you’ll have to use your shamanic powers to draw structures and objects that will aid your progress.

You have three shamanic powers at your disposal that can be switched through by rolling your mouse wheel. You can draw solid structures like bridges, rams and tree logs, you can create bouncy structures that propel you high in the air and you can create ropes to attach two objects together. You can only use these powers in areas where the background is fully colored in and you’ll have to use them in lots of creative ways as you make your way through the game.

Wahkan does have a few bugs, but the stylish artwork and clever puzzle design make it well worth checking out nonetheless. A beautiful little adventure that allows for some very creative solutions to its cleverly crafted physics based puzzles.

Important Note: If you just press ‘Play’ at the start menu then you’ll miss the tutorial (which is really recommended playing through). Make sure you press ‘New Game’ or select level 1 to play the Tutorial level. Also there seems to be a bug at the end of the game preventing you from progressing further (see gameplay video).

Check Out a Wahkan Gameplay Video Here

Download Wahkan Here (Windows)