Waifu Fight: Dango Style – Alpha Download

Waifu Fight Dango Style Download Game

Waifu Fight: Dango Stye is a very weird blend of Pong, Breakout and scantily clad anime girls in which you attempt to destroy your opponents barrier and knock as many ‘Dango Balls’ past them as possible.

There’s a lot to contend with in each match of Waifu Fight: Dango Style – with loads of Dango balls flying around the screen, chibi characters hurling insults, special abilities to unleash and bouncing Dango Balls of the rather large ‘focal points’ in the center of the screen to increase your multiplier. There’s not really that much time for tactics though with so much going on screen at once – you just move your paddle about to bat away as many Dango’s that come your way as possible and unleash the occasional special move.

There are a lot of different types of Dango Ball, each with special attributes, but the main one you have to pay attention to is the grey Dango – it glows the color of the last player that hit it and will earn that player points much faster than in normal play. There’s a variety of waifu’s do do battle against in Arcade mode, Challenge mode and Golden Bunny Bar Brawl mode, all of which will earn you cash that you can use to unlock characters, backgrounds, paddles, Dangos and potions in the shop. And if you’re feeling lucky you can also gamble your winnings in an in-game fruit machine played via a laptop in your apartment.

The artwork is good, but also very Anime, so if scantily clad waifu’s aren’t your thing then stay well away – although it’s all in good fun and there’s no NSFW content in the game. The gameplay does get repetitive and it’s just a glorified game of Pong at the end of the day, but it’s a fun and cheerful little game that’s worth checking out for some waifu silliness.

Download The Waifu Fight: Dango Style Alpha Here (Windows)