Wait! Life is Beautiful! – Beta Demo

Wait! Life is Beautiful! is a thought provoking little narrative driven game where you stand on a bridge renowned for suicides and talk to jumpers to try and save their lives.

In Wait! Life is Beautiful! you step into the shoes of Will – a man who visits the legendary “Suicide Bridge” each night and tries to stop people from killing themselves. The bridge has a LOT of potential jumpers that come along each night and you try to engage them in dialogue to understand their problems and hopefully rethink their actions. Or you can just stop talking to them and let them jump.

The current demo build of Wait! Life is Beautiful! features a full night of Will’s suicide-prevention adventure and sees you chatting to a wide variety of characters – from a 102 year old woman to a serial killer. You can save them all, but have to choose your words carefully, as they can easily just break off the conversation and jump.

It may be quite a morbid premise for a game, but Wait! Life is Beautiful! isn’t as depressing as it sounds. It’s infused with a welcome touch of black humor and it’s fun to get to know each character. The police really should install a crash mat below that bridge though – there’s one hell of a lot of people throwing themselves off it!

Download The Wait! Life is Beautiful! Beta Demo Here (Steam)