WAKFU – Open Beta


WAKFU is an isometric open-world turn-based MMO set in the popular DOFUS universe, where decisions really matter and players work together to restore the world and defeat the most insidious creatures in the entire World of Twelve.

Players craft their own adventure in WAKFU and make decisions that have far-reaching consequences.  A unique political system allows players to create laws and initiate conflicts, shaping the environment with game-altering effects.  Choices also have a dramatic effect on the living ecosystem of WAKFU – if too many animals are killed without a chance to reproduce, or too many plants harvested without resowing, they’ll disappear forever.

It’s a great looking game, with anime-style character design and well crafted animation.  This charming graphical style and the deep turn based combat make for a that’s game pleasantly reminiscent of the Disgaea series, but with a huge open world, complete with it’s own ecosystems and lot’s massively multiplayer online fun.

Watch a gameplay trailer HERE

Join in the WAKFU Beta HERE

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