Walk-O-Motion Sonic VR – Prototype Download (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)

Walk-O-Motion Sonic VR is a very impressive VR game that allows you to step into the red and white shoes of Sega’s blue hedgehog and race your way through a near perfect recreation of the first level of the original Genesis game!

Walk-O-Motion Sonic VR solves the problem of moving and motion sickness in VR without the need for any additional equipment or cumbersome omnidirectional treadmills. Nausea is always a problem when moving in VR, but the Sonic VR combats this well with the Walk-O-Motion control scheme that effectively sees you holding the left analogue stick forward and bouncing up and down on the spot to run, then holding down the A button and doing a little hop to jump. This helps combat the motion sickness surprisingly well and really helps immerse yourself in the glory of Green Hill Zone.

Stepping into the near perfect recreation of Green Hill Zone Act 1 is a delight – the vibrant colors, the enemies, the multiple routes and those glorious golden rings are a joy to see and interact with in VR. Precision jumping can be a little tricky and the constant bouncing up and down gives you a bit of a cardio workout, but it’s a wonderful experience being able to witness the world through Sonic’s eyes after all these years.

Even in these prototype stages Walk-O-Motion Sonic VR is not only a wonderful slice of gaming nostalgia, but also a great technical showcase for how movement and platforming can be done without the need for extra peripherals or sick bags. A super Sonic VR outing that really lets you become one with the blue hedgehog!

Check Out The Dev’s Gameplay Video Here

Download The Walk-O-Motion Sonic VR Prototype Here (Oculus Rift & HTC Vive)