Walk Sim Walk Sim – Alpha Download

Walk Sim Walk Sim Game Download

Walk Sim Walk Sim is a short first person narrative experience that’s dedicated to the ‘Walking Simulator’ genre, from Dear Esther to Virginia, and explores gamers polarised opinions on them.

Long time readers on Alpha Beta Gamer will know that we try to steer clear of using the term ‘Walking Simulator’ as we find the term to be a little to too reductive, but as this game is called ‘Walk Sim Walk Sim’ we’ll make an exception. It’s a game that takes you on a short 10 minute trip through the divisive walking simulator genre, offering examples, how they were received and commenting on the classic “but it’s not a video game” argument.

It’s worth pointing out that these are one developers (well informed) opinions on the subject, but he does put forward a good argument for the genre. There are some very interesting points too, such as the disparity between critics scores and user scores, with critics being far more receptive to the genre than the general public (something that often causes the backlash in the first place).

If you actively dislike walking simulators and all they stand for, then you’re probably best staying well clear of this game. But if they do interest you it’s well worth taking a leisurely stroll with this one. It’s unlikely to drastically change your thoughts on walking simulators but it may give you a greater appreciation of the genre. As the game comments itself “It doesn’t matter if you understand it or it doesn’t matter if you ‘get’ it. It’s not a problem to be solved, it’s just a thing to be in for a while”.

Note: The Beach is the ending (walk into the water to restart the game)

Download Walk Sim Walk Sim Alpha Here (Windows & Mac)