Walkie Talkie – Game Jam Build Download


Walkie Talkie is a remarkable new game from the ridiculously talented Danile Linssen, a.k.a. Managore (Windowframe, Cognizance), that blends blends online chatrooms, ASCII text and platforming as you type out lines of text and they magically transform into mini platforming levels before your eyes for others to play!

Walkie Talkie is a fully functioning online chatroom in which you can chat with others online. There are a couple of major differences between this and AIM though – firstly you can only send a message once every two minutes and secondly every message you send turns into a mini platforming level for others to play!

You create levels by typing messages in the text box and pressing Enter. You can’t send impossible levels as you have to complete the level yourself before you can post it. The majority of the characters you use are normal and just form a small platform for you to walk on, but certain special characters have unique attributes that can help spice up the levels (for example the ‘{‘ character fires bullets across the screen).  As well as creating and sharing your own levels, you can scroll down through the chat and select other peoples levels to play – some of which are very inventive (and some are just people chatting).

It’s a remarkable piece of programming that not only offers some challenging precision platforming but provides a unique social take on gaming as players chat, create and share levels in real time. We highly recommend login into this ingenious little chatformer!

Download Walkie Talkie Here (Windows)