Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS – Beta Demo

Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS is a very fast paced roguelite adventure where you fight your way through a dungeon that’s alive and gets mad at you for killing all of it’s friends.

In Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS you control a cute little fox called Wally who finds himself trapped inside a sentient dungeon that’s controlled by a spirit called Don Jon. The spirit is pretty pissed at you for killing his little woodland friends and makes it his mission to make your life as miserable as possible as you fight your way through him.

You have a nifty boomerang which can be used to dispatch your enemies and open trunks and you earn stackable upgrades as you level up your character. Unfortunately each time you make your way through a level of the dungeon then the dungeon levels up too though, with you choosing from a random selection of stackable upgrades for your enemies. A second player can even join the game and play as the dungeon, taking control of enemies and bosses, and choosing the enemy stackable upgrades at the end of each level.

It’s a tough game with very fast paced gameplay, high quality pixel art visuals and a nice selection of upgrades to unlock (for you and your enemies). The idea of fighting your way through a sentient dungeon that’s actively trying to kill you is a nice touch and it has plenty of replayability. An action packed roguelite adventure where it really is you versus the dungeon.

Download The Wally and the FANTASTIC PREDATORS Alpha Demo Here (Steam)