Wanba Warriors – Alpha Demo

Wanba Warriors is a quirky physics based calligraphy combat game where you duel to the death using calligraphy brushes and bizarre supernatural abilities.

In Wanba Warriors you don’t so much control your character as control the large calligraphy brush that they’re wielding. Best played with a control pad, you move the calligraphy brushes with the left analog stick and use it to help you move and to hit your opponent. You can also unleash powerful special moves and even spawn a little ally to fight alongside you.

It’s still early in development and there are only a couple of playable characters but Wanba Warriors is already great fun. The inky visual style is excellent, the physics based calligraphy brush combat makes for some wonderfully chaotic battles and it has some great little touches – such as the health bars at the top of the screen being able to hurt you if you collide with them. The (calligraphy) pen really is mightier than the sword in this fun physics based fighter.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Wanba Warriors Alpha Demo Here (Windows)