Wander, A Path Of Trust – Student Project Download

Wander game

Wander, A Path of Trust is a beautiful first person puzzle adventure in which you play a blind man, lost in a mysterious underground city who must use sound waves and the assistance of a strange crystaline creature to aid his escape.

Created by students of the French National School of Games and Interactive Media, Wander: A Path of Trust impresses with it’s stylish minimalistic visuals and intriguing story in which you build a bond of trust with your strange guide.  You can via sound waves, and can crush mysterious crystals (known as Sephires) together to allow you to ‘see’ large areas, but Ohm (your guide) doesn’t take kindly to this as the crystals have a significant meaning to her.

To progress, you’ll have to find a balance between ‘seeing’ all your surroundings by crushing the crystals and putting your trust in Ohm (and building up Ohm’s trust in you). It’s a deeply atmospheric and strangely serene adventure as you unravel the ancient mysteries of this vast underground city.  Highly recommended.

Note: On our first playtough, we had an issue with being unable to throw the sephires (should be activated by tapping the RMB), the second time it was ok though, but if this problem persists, we’d recommend using a control pad.

Note 2:  The default set up for the game is for AZERTY keyboards, but this can be changed to QWERTY in the options menu.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Wander, A Path of Trust Here or Here (Windows Only)